Hot Weather Hints for Pet Owners

Hot Weather Hints for Pet Owners
Summer days means outdoor runs, fun in the sun and hot weather. This time of year can also be dangerous for our four-lagged friends. Dogs and cat can easily become victims of overheating, dehydration, severe weather, sunburn and parasites. Here are a few tips to prepare your animal friends for the “Dog Days” of summer.

Fleas and ticks and heart worms. Oh My!

  • Visit your veterinarian in the spring, before the onslaught of summer bugs.
  • Implement and effective flea and tick control program. This is a must.
  • An early heart worm detection test and preventative medication will help you avoid the “heartache” down the road.

Have a safe and happy Summer

  • Water, water everywhere and plenty of it to drink!
  • Always have a supply of cool, fresh water available for pets.
  • Add a few ice cubes to a dish of water for a cool, refreshing treat.
  • When on the go, keep a water bottle filled with cold, fresh water for your pet.

Summer exercise

  • Wait 30 – 60 minutes after meals before taking a pet for its run.
  • Walk your dog in grass or keep pavement walks brief. Sensitive paws can quickly burn on hot asphalt; consider paw protectors such as shoes or booties.
  • No doggy days at the beach! During extremely hot temperatures, your pet would prefer shade to sunshine. Excessive panting, redened gums, dehydration, confusion and lack of muscular coordination are signs of heatstroke. To treat, get the animal in a shady place ,cool it with wet towels and call a veterinarian. Why not leave your dog at home with a pet sitter while you enjoy a hot day at beach?

Family Vacations

  • Vacationing with your pet can be a great experience, but plan your route ahead of time and locate animal friendly hotels or campgrounds.
  • Allow plenty of travel time to include potty breaks and exercise for your pet.
  • Double check collars and leashes. Don’t risk losing your pet due to a worn or loose-fitting color or leash.

Summer Storms

  • Doghouse under trees may be shady and cooler in the summer heat, but are not safe shelters in a lightning storm. Bring outdoors pet inside.
  • Many indoor pets are afraid of thunder,calming music and “thunder T-shirts” may help to alleviate or reduce weather anxieties.

Auto cautions

  • Never leave your animal in a vehicle! Even with the windows open, the temperature in a parked vehicle can reach more than 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.
  • Coolant/antifreeze are sweet tasting and attractive to animals. But drinking coolant can be fatal. Use animal-friendly propylene glycol coolant rather than ethylene glycol in your vehicles. Never let your pet drink out of strange puddles.