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All the stated norms here in this website govern the usage and access of the contents of this website. All the information provided in this website is solely for promotional purposes and Melrose Pet Services will never remain liable for any inconvenience encountered by the clients.
The terms and conditions of Melrose Pet Service also include pet care locations and the specific methods of taking care of your pet. The general information about pet care provided in this website is collected from various sources and that may not have any relevance with the actual details.

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If you don’t feel Melrose Pet Services is offering you the correct details and services you can simply avoid the situations buy not using the services. It is important that you agree with the additional terms before using the service.

Usage guide

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The company reserves all the rights to visit the website and collecting information from there. Moreover, the company has the sole right to bring any change to the webpage contents. Melrose Pet Service is fully responsible to make change to the contents.